YOUR satisfaction matters

The beginning is a man and wood. It is a return to basics. We choose the best pieces from the forest stock, we then prepare the wood in a sawmill and from there we take it to our warehouse. Again, we take only the best pieces. The selection of quality and a sufficiently large supply of wood allow us to guarantee your satisfaction.

The duration of our products

Quality takes time. We naturally dry the wood for three to four months in the outdoor warehouse. Then it spends two to three weeks in the dryer and another few weeks in the airconditioning warehouse. Only then the wood reaches the table of our masters.

Each piece has its certificate of origin

We know the wood we use. It’s not just a nameless piece for us. We know where it came from, in what amount and when it arrived. We also record what happens with the wood at our company. We know every step of the wood’s journey. We think that wood also needs care and respect.

Thorough sorting is a matter of course

Sorting. Sorting. More sorting… A lot? Not enough? We dedicate a lot of time in order to offer first-class quality…

Custom workmanship recipe

When manufacturing our wooden boards we choose the best pieces from the best chopped wood. That is why the boards do not have the same width. That is how we do it. We do not compromise. This is natural for us.

We only produce the highest quality

A. For us, A is a letter that indicates quality. Perfection. A includes nice, symmetrical boards without knots and defects. We are strict with ourselves, our work, and the material we use.


Bio. A symbol of today. A brand of health. Our boards have bio label. Grains cross over, join. However, the solid wood forms the core. We do not lie, we do not substitute. This guarantees the preservation of the natural qualities of the wood. Thanks to this it is permanent, strong and of high quality.

We join the material honestly and traditionally

“Štiftovanie”. When you search for this word in Google, you will hardly find anything. It is not a common word even for Slovak native speakers. For us, however, it is a day-to-day craftsmanship routine. We use classic, wooden locking pin for solid connection. It stabilizes the material and improves the resulting appearance…

We ensure higher strength with lap joints.

For most carpenters, lapped dovetail joint production is the height of wood craftsmanship. For us, it’s a reference of honest work. A compliment to skills and carpentry mastery.

We are craftsmen, so we use a classic shelf attachment

Wood or wood. For us, the choice is simple. We even use classic wooden clamps for shelf attachment, not metal supports or pins. We choose wood and stability.

The design of our furniture is characterized by high stability

The frame construction is the spine of the furniture. It allows the wood to work and breathe. It ensures the uniformity and stability of the workpiece in all three directions.

We highlight the essence of the wood

We do not add. We do not embellish. We just try to show the beauty and the texture of the wood. It is the most perfect artist on its own. Its rings not only reveal the age, but also serve as a simple compass.

We varnish in several layers and we offer unlimited colour designs

First layer of varnish, second. Third. Fourth… We emphasize the uniqueness of the wood and its structure. The keen eye of a master distinguishes the smallest detail in the shading. Alchemy combined with experience. We can create any colour to make a piece of furniture look original. For example, even the beer colour. We do not set limits on your imagination.

We create rust

We pay the same attention to metal as to wood. We create rust. We wait for rust. The varying weather of Liptov helps us. The rust matures in the yard, which eventually finds its place on a unique piece of furniture.

We manually paint motifs according to your wishes

Uniqueness. We manually paint any motifs according to your wish. A family coat of arms appears on an original piece of furniture, flowers on a cabinet from a romantic collection. Each brush stroke is elaborated, every piece of furniture is unique.