Anton Šťastný
founder of the company EVERGREEN, remembering establishment of the company 22 years ago.


Exceptional solid wood furniture


“We started making furniture in a garage. People did not know us, even though we were better assemblers than the Italians, for example. We had a weak design though. It somewhat reminded me of German cars of the past – well-assembled, but no design. Yet, once the design matched the construction, they had the best cars in the world. We also had to proceed in the same way – good manufacturing with connection to design. But we also needed the technology. We went abroad to buy refurbished machines. A garage was no longer enough, so we built a hall. A heating technician came in one day, started welding in the hall and burned it all down. We lost everything! Can you imagine it? Six sad guys were all that was left. We said to ourselves that we are skilled workers and we would do it again and the right way. We established the company by putting together a team of freelancers. We did not have any lot, but finally we bought some land on the former Mlynská Street in Ružomberok, which is nowadays called Štiavnická Road. It was a pure coincidence. We built, and put it all together soon. After about two years, I got to work by car, and when I looked at everything around me, I said to myself: ‘Oh my god, it is better than I thought. God put it all together, and it was better than I could have ever imagined.”